Social Cyclist: Two Wheels, One Community

Vote With Your Wheels

Social Cyclist is a free app developed by Social Bicycles. Riders can record and share bike routes, find the nearest bike share station, and request new bike parking for their community.

City governments, bike share operators, bike advocacy groups, and bike planning firms can use the aggregate data to plan infrastructure.

Web App:

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Who We Need


Bike Share Planners

If you help communities who are considering whether they should seek public or private funding to create a Bike Share program, we want to help you organize a Social Cyclist campaign and learn from you what features we might add to make your analysis easier.

Government / Transportation Agency

Do you wish your government or transportation agency had better data about where people are riding bikes for recreation, running errands, or commuting? We want to hear from you and help you organize Social Cyclist campaigns to help you gather data about where people want bike parking, new or better bike lanes, and more.

Why Join Us?

Our team at Social Bicycles is passionate about real-time mobility, co-created data and better urban living.

Those of us at SoBi working on the Social Cyclist app are looking for forward-looking cities, transportation agencies and bike-ped advocates who wish to manage local Social Cyclist data gathering campaigns and to engage their community in a dialogue about how to improve their infrastructure for bike riders to benefit residents, visitors and business owners.

The Issues We’re Trying To Solve

More Information

DATA WE’re using:


  • Data publicly available from Citi Bike and other Bike Share programs or tech providers such as JCDecaux

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  • Supplemented by CityBikes API

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  • Visualized on OpenStreetMap

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  • Rider submitted data

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